The RISE Award is to be awarded to an officer who displays exceptional bravery, heroism, and self-sacrifice by going above and beyond the call of duty in the saving of lives without regard for her personal safety under life-threatening circumstances. 
Trooper Sharron Duran
New Mexico State Trooper
2021 RISE Award Recipient
2022- TBA
2021 - Sharron Duran, New Mexico State Trooper 
2019 - Ofc. Shelby Shipler, Haltom PD
2018 - Sgt. Renee Glasser, Plano PD

2017 - Ofc. Elise Bowden, Arlington PD
2016 - Ofc. Brandi Kamper, Fort Worth PD
2015 - Ofc. Kellie Whitehead, Fort Worth PD
2014 - Ofc. Ann McSwain, Cedar Hill PD